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Titre de film : Félins
Genre : Documentaire
plateforme : multimedia

details :

Genre : Documentaire
Nationalité : Américain
Date de sortie : 1 février 2012
Réalisé par : Keith Scholey
Avec : Samuel L. Jackson

In Africa, Kenya, in one of the wildest parts of the world, animals live free and hommes.Au far south of the river, that this beautiful land, usually divides the clan of lions led by Fang. The lioness Layla, the young student Mara. Between hunting and strong family ties, so is the life of a family that is written. North of the river Kali the lion and his son four dream to expand their territory. Soon the water will be low enough that the Master of the North to try their luck in the south … In this environment where everyone plays their survival every day, Sita, a beautiful female cheetah and is trying to educate their children. Throughout the seasons, all fates through a story that is not invented or staged to cross, but like never before conquered, its shocking intimacy of its spectacular beauty.

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